3 Must-Have Cruelty Free Products

Jun 10, 2019

Hello! I’m Sophie from soph.creates a lifestyle blog a few clicks down from here. Today, Asia has let me come and talk to you about some of my favourite cruelty free brands that you just need in your life. Last summer, I got super stuck into researching and changing my skincare and beauty routine to include as many sustainable and cruelty free brands and products that I could, without skimping on quality, because me feeling beautiful shouldn’t come at the price of my furry friends. So let’s get stuck into my top 3 favourite products.

 While on the sustainability kick, my boyfriend and I decided to ditch the plastics and opt for bar soaps instead. We headed to our local LUSH and spent an age finding our perfect scents. His first choice, Outback Mate, is the best smelling soap I have ever smelled and I am incredibly jealous that he found it before I could get to it. It smells so fresh and light and, in true LUSH fashion, is 100% cruelty free and vegan.

 On my quest to find the perfect foundation and concealer for my darker complexion, I stumbled upon Glossier. I ordered their perfecting skin tint and concealer after watching loads of raving YouTube reviews and oh my days, where they all right about Glossier producing A+ products. The foundation doesn’t feel heavy on my face and the concealer is perfect for covering up small blemishes that might sneak their way under my skin.

 My girl, Kylie, did not let me down on the launch of Kylie Lip Kits back in 2015. I was skeptical on the price but upon learning that she was going into the industry with cruelty free cosmetics in mind, I was happy to dish out a little extra to protect the animals. The other upside of the price tag is that the quality of the lip kits are great and my absolute go-to lip colour when I’m in a rush. My personal favourite is the shade Vixen, which I have bought time and time again because of how much I love it.
This list may be short but when I’m in a rush this is the absolute base of my skincare routine. On top of the soaps from LUSH, I also use their toner and moisturisers for the rest of my routine! Glossier also does fabulous cream blushes, and Kylie has my go-to highlighter. I think it’s safe to say that I am pretty brand loyal to these 3 places and as long as they continue to be sustainable, cruelty free, and top quality - then I’m happy to keep dishing out for them. For us as consumers, it’s so important to put our money where our values are and shop with brands who are making changes for good.

Thanks again to Asia for having me on her blog! If you like what you read here, you can find me on my blog at soph.creates, on Instagram and Twitter, and if you’re a video person then you can peep my videos on YouTube too!

 Until next time, Soph.

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