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Apr 22, 2019

You guys know I love sharing my skincare finds with you and I have a few new products I wanted to share! Although I have been using some of these things for months now ( had to give it time to see if my skin really loves it) they are new to the blog lol. 

First up we have the amazing Aztec clay mask which is a favorite among the beauty community right now and rightfully so. When I first used this mask, I was not impressed but I was convinced by a friend to keep on using it and so glad that I did! Whatever your skin type, try it out, mix it with ACV and let it work. I swear it gives my skin the deep clean it needs after a lazy night of just using a makeup wipe to wash my face. 

Next, we have the two oils that my skin will live and die by from here on out...Rosehip oil and Jojoba oil. While I don't think the brand is very important, it is worth noting that these particular brands have other oils mixed in (no mineral oil, glycerin or petroleum) but my skin still loves it. Anybody experiencing dry skin and/or texture issues, I would encourage you to try a combination of these two!

Lastly,  I stumbled upon this Borghese Eye Cream in Marshall's and gave it a try and while I do not think it does anything for under eye circles, I can say it reduces puffiness and moisturizes my under eye area like nobody's business. I will give you guys more of an update once I have used it for a little longer. Feel free to purchase any of the items by clicking the links below and tell me how they work for you!

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