Current Obsession: Men's Cologne?

Mar 23, 2019

I wanted to make a quick post on how much I love this Versace Dreamer Cologne. I was introduced to it by my friend Kristen (hey girl, hey) and am so surprised by how much I love it and reach for it on a daily. It is the perfect masculine scent to accompany the few floral/sweet perfumes that I have in my collection.  I also wear it on its own and just love how it smells on my skin. So girls, if you see this on your boyfriends nightstand, do yourself a favor and spray it on. If you enjoy lavender notes mixed with tobacco and a little floral, you will love this scent. 

versace cologne

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Sustainable Fashion Only: Secondhand Gold Watches

Mar 13, 2019

So I have a new obsession and it is searching my local thrift stores and vintage shops for cute dainty gold watches. I love a gold watch and when I find a small one that fits my wrist just right, I am in heaven honestly! You guys should know by now, I love secondhand shopping, I love thrifting not only for clothes and jewelry but for household items also. It really is a great way to recycle and save our environment as it has been reported that used clothing accounts for 21 BILLION POUNDS of waste in landfills in the U.S. That is crazy! So for me to feel like I am doing my small part, I try to buy secondhand clothing before I purchase fast fashion or shop at regular retail stores.

Watches are a great item to get from thrift stores because they are usually under $10 and just need a new watch battery to get going. I have even found great vintage watches that still work (pictured below) for $5 a piece! Watches are a great accessory to jazz up any outfit and I get so many compliments on my assortment of gold watches. They have quickly become a staple item for me in any outfit. If you are not checking out the jewelry counter at your local thrift, trust you are missing out!

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