Cold AF in New Orleans

Dec 23, 2018

Last weekend, my best friend and I visited New Orleans to celebrate her 30th birthday. I had been to New orleans before during the summer and had a blast, visiting in December is a bit of a different story. It was still a blast, but cold....very, very cold. We were not prepared to say the least but we made it work. We did A LOT of partying but also got some culture in with museums and galleries. Here's a few shots from the trip, minus the wild nights on Bourbon Street...

The Mardi Gras Museum 

French Truck Coffee

Magnolia Sugar & Spice

Lucullus Antique Shop

GM Books: My Year of Rest and Relaxation

Dec 12, 2018

I first saw this book making its rounds on Instagram and wasn't too impressed by the cover art, because obviously I judge books by the cover. I then came across it at the thrift store for .99 cents and thought, eh, why not? I am so glad I did pick it up because although this story is a little dark, it is also funny and relatable at times. 

The story follows a twenty something year old woman who plans to basically sleep away a year of her life in order to get it together. Accompanying her is an on again, off again boyfriend with fuckboy tendencies, a best friend who is more of a frenemy and an eccentric psychiatrist who unknowingly enables this year of rest by prescribing her a ton of drugs. I know the story sounds weird already and I doubt I would have picked up this book up based on the synopsis alone but the writing is great and the story is really one of extreme depression. If you have ever been depressed then you would know that a year of sleep (whether drug induced or otherwise) sounds like a bomb ass idea, when you've hit that low point. 

I recommend this book to anyone who has been depressed in the past because while it does kind of make light of a very serious condition, it brought that feeling of "well my life isn't so bad after all"and it also made me laugh out loud several times. Without giving anything away, the ending was refreshing in my opinion and once you start the book, you will want to see how things end for the main character. 

Shopping for Vintage Designer Handbags

Dec 10, 2018

Some time last year, I started a new obsession of mine: Searching for Vintage Designer Handbags. Those late night searches on Etsy, eBay and Poshmark quickly turned into actual purchases. Quickly may be the wrong word, as I had to do extensive research on each item before handing over any money. Buying things second hand, especially online, may deter some people because as we all know there are so many scammers out there, you never know what you might end up getting. I am happy to report that each bag I purchased turned out to be 100 % authentic and exactly what I wanted. 

Here are a few of my tips when shopping for Vintage Designer handbags:

1. Research! Before buying anything used online or in person, you should research the product to familiarize  yourself with all its details. You should also research the seller you are buying from. Whether it be a person on eBay you are buying directly from or a company such as Fashionphile, look at other buyer reviews and ask the seller questions directly about the bag before buying and also inquire about return policies. 

2. Price the bag on multiple sites. I know when shopping on sites like Etsy and eBay, you will come across several options for the bag you're looking for. Of course price will vary depending on the condition of the bag and how available the bag is in general. It's important to see how much the bag is worth (retail if it is still being produced) and how much other people are selling it for. Knowing this information will help to make sure you don't spend too much on an item.

3. Look up how to authenticate or spot fake handbags. Different brands have different ways of marking their products for authentication. For example, Louis Vuitton uses date codes while Fendi uses serial numbers. However, be aware that serial numbers and date codes can be faked also. So read the blogs and articles dedicated to spotting fake/replica handbags. There are tons of them out there and they have good information that will keep you from wasting your money.

4. Do not sleep on your neighborhood thrift stores! I have found several high end vintage handbags, including Coach and Dooney & Burke, at my local thrift stores for under $20. Fakes can still be a problem here, however seeing the material and hardware up close and personal should help you determine weather the bag is authentic or not.

Please comment and let me know where you guys are finding some vintage gems!

I Switched to Organic Tampons

Dec 1, 2018

Like most people, the older I get the more conscious I am of what I put in my body. Because when you know better you do better, right? While that may not always be the case, as I do enjoy a big mac from Mcdonalds every now and again (I know, don't judge me), I do my best to make better choices in the areas of my life and health that really matter to me. Which is why I started using Cora Organic Tampons.

 I have been using tampons since the start of my period many years ago. I have heard all about the possibility of Toxic Shock Syndrome and all the harmful chemicals that are used to make tampons and have been looking for a better alternative ever since. While organic tampons can still cause TSS if used improperly, I still feel so much better about inserting something into my body that only has one natural ingredient and no chemicals. 

I have been using the Cora Organic Tampons for about four months now and I have no complaints. The first time I used them, I did feel like I cramped a little more than usual. My first thought was to go pack to my beloved Tampax Pearl Tampons, but being that I just spent $12 on two box of tampons ( and I hate to waste stuff), I used them again during my next period and low and behold there was no more unusual cramping and hasn't been since the first use. I want to say maybe my body was getting used to the 'no chemicals', which I know sounds weird but how our bodies respond to different things can be pretty weird. So ladies pay attention to your body and what it might be telling you, especially when trying new products!

The Cora Organic Tampons provide me with the same protection and comfortability as the Tampax Pearl Tampons I have been using for years. Made with 100 % certified organic cotton and free of GMO's, pesticides, fragrances and all the other harmful chemicals that are found in most name brand tampons, I feel like I am giving my body the treatment it has always deserved!

Purchase them here using my affiliate link: 

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