4 Podcast you Need to Listen To!

Oct 5, 2017

I discovered podcasts maybe two years ago and I have been hooked ever since. I listen to mostly self development podcasts that offer advice on how to live your best life and it's usually how I like to start my day. Here's a list of my favorite ones that I think everyone should listen to as they have something to offer everyone!

1. GirlBoss Radio - This is hosted by author and Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso. Every week she has a different guest and they discuss success and what it mean to them as well as how they got to where they are today. At the end of every interview Sophia asks her guests to share their "girl boss moment" which is basically a time in their week where they felt they were on top of their shit. So inspiring!

2. Style Your Mind - Hosted by author Cara Alwill Leyba (Girl Code) this podcasts basically chronicles all the ups and downs that come with being an entrepreneur and Cara also interviews different people who share their experiences and stories throughout life.

3. For the Culture (JustinJ and Adrianxpression) - I love this podcast! Not only is it so funny and entertaining, it touches on all the social issues that we are facing today as well as the messy stuff you see on The Shade Room, they talk about it all! Hosted by YouTubers JustinJ and Adrian (of Adrianxpression) this podcast will having you dying of laughter while keeping you well informed!

5. Myleik Teele's podcast - The founder of Curl Box, Myleik Teele offers real life advice as well as advice for up and coming entrepreneurs who are trying to figure out how to navigate life. Myleik answers real life questions from her listeners and what I love about her podcast is that she is so straight forward in her answers. It's like talking to that one friend who you know is gonna give you the real deal even if it hurts your feelings (we all need a friend like that).  Her podcast is a must listen, especially if you are trying yo start your own business. 


  1. I love Myleik's podcast! I find her to be the most relatable. I'll have to listen to the others. Have you every listened to the How I built this podcast by NPR? It gives me life lol especially being a new entrepreneur.

    1. Yessssss I Love Myleik she gives the best advice! No I haven’t I’m gonna put them on my list cuz I really only listen to those 4 consistently so I need some new ones! Thanks for reading!!!


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