The Mastery of Love

Aug 22, 2017

Don Miguel Ruiz

Welcome back to the Golden Moment book series! The Mastery of Love is a Toltec Wisdom book written by Don Miguel Ruiz (author of the Four Agreements) that explores the beliefs an assumptions that can consume and lead to pain in our relationships. The Toltec are people known in mexico as "woman and men of knowledge" and Ruiz has written a guide to the art of a relationship using their teachings. In this book, Ruiz uses different stories that teach you how to nurture and be happy in the relationships in your life. These teachings are not limited to just the relationship you may have with your significant other but also the relationship with your parents, brother, sisters, friends and whoever else may enter your life. 

If you enjoyed The Four Agreements (who hasn't?) then please pick up this book. Ruiz has a way of telling and teaching you things you kind of already know, but through his stories, you find it way more applicable to your own life. Like when he says "...I can tell you that the right woman for you is the woman you love just the way she is,the woman you don't have the need to change at all." I feel like that is something I have always known and we have all been told but that has not stopped me in the past from choosing the wrong partner and desperately trying to mold them into what I wanted them to be. After reading this book, I promise you will have, at the very least, a better understanding of the different relationships in your life. 

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