Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Aug 8, 2017

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

As you guys may know from some of my previous post, I have started and restarted this blog many times over the last few years. It was something Ive always wanted to do and be consistent with but if I am being honest, there were many times throughout this journey where I convinced myself that my writing wasn't good enough, my pictures sucked and any other excuse I could think of to discourage myself from posting content. Then I read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and that whole thought process changed. I read tons of self development books that are loaded with information and instructions for life that I may or may not implement once Im done reading them. However, with Big Magic, it was like she was telling me everything I already knew and providing me the smallest tools so I can live my best creative life. I wanted to live by everything she was saying! Even if you don't consider yourself a creative person (which we all are) isn't that what we all want? To live our best life?

In Big Magic, Gilbert explains that in order for you to live the creative life you want, we must all push past the fear that hinders us from following through with things while also not putting too much pressure on your art. She says that quitting your day job and depending on your art to pay the bills (in the beginning, when you've just started creating ) often ends up killing your creativity because now there is too much pressure on your art to provide. Another big take away I got from this book was the notion thats ideas are independent entities looking for a human to nurture them and bring them to life. And if an idea comes to you and let's say you either give up on it or shelf it for too long it will find another human being to bring it to life. All I could think was "WOW" when I read this because its so true. I think everyone has thought of some idea but didn't give it the necessary time and attention so you just forget about it then a few months or years later you see someone on TV or the internet with a similar if not the very same idea you had. And they are making money or traveling the world because of this idea... yea it happens. 

There are so many more great take aways from this book and of course I do not want to give everything away. If you are pursuing a creative career, lifestyle or project please pick up this book and give it a read or download the audio version and give it a listen. I promise it will spark something in you that has probably been there all along and hopefully give you the push you need to start living your best creative life. 


  1. Sounds interesting. The Secret had a similar effect on me - kinda changed the way I think.

    1. If you liked the secret you will probably enjoy this book too! Thanks for reading sienna!


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