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Aug 2, 2017


I have been wanting to post a current skincare routine on my blog for some time now and have finally gotten around to it! Even though there may seem to be a lot or products pictured I promise my routine is quite simple as I alternate between some of these products daily depending on how my skin feels. Obviously cleansing is the first step. I am currently using this Daily Pore cleanser by clean and clear, however on most days I used organic black soap to wash my face. After cleansing toning is a must. This clarifying moisture lotion from Clinique is a favorite of mine. When I have time, I opt for one of the two under eye mask pictured (they both can be purchased here). I suffer from puffy eyes and have been trying everything to get rid of them. I will say after about 15 minutes I do see a difference. While my eye mask are doing its thing, I pop on this lip mask from Laneige. This stuff was $13 and worth every penny. You can check out my full review on both eye mask and lip mask here.

collagen jella pack

Once I am done, cleansing, toning and masking, the last step in my routine is to moisturize and use whatever under eye cream/serum I have on hand. I recently purchased this Vitamin C Eye Lift serum from TJ Maxx. To be honest with you guys, I do not see much of a difference when using this product but I am determined to use the whole bottle lol. I absolutely in love with this Collagen Jella pack (full review here) and this Argan + Vitamin E oil I purchased from TJ maxx. I use them together every night and I really think it has done wonders for the texture of my skin. The only thing I do not have pictured that I suggest everyone does at least twice a week is exfoliate. I personally love the St. Ives Apricot scrub for daily use. Please leave a comment and let me know what your favorite skincare products are. As you guys know I love trying new  skincare things!

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