Signature Scent: Nirvana Rose by Elizabeth and James

Jul 12, 2017

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Rose

I have never been the girl to have a signature scent or perfume and that is mostly because I have never been able to find a perfume that I truly love. That I can wear day or night and throughout all seasons without feeling like maybe this is too heavy for summer or too sweet for winter. But then I found Nirvana by Elizabeth and James. When I first discovered this line, they only had two scents: Nirvana Black and Nirvana White. I was immediately drawn to the Violet and sandalwood notes in Nirvana black and so it became an instant favorite. Not long after purchasing Nirvana black, I had to try White, loved it of course. Then I heard Elizabeth and James were dropping two new scents: Nirvana Rose and Bourbon. I immediately ran to Sephora to see what these were talkin' about, I was not disappointed.  With notes of Rose and Geranium, I fell in love with this dark almost masculine take on a rose scent. It's sophisticated without making you smell like an old lady. Whenever I wear any of the Nirvana perfumes I receive loads of compliments. Safe to say I have definitely  found my signature scent. 

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