Affordable PRO Makeup feat. BH Cosmetics

Jul 14, 2017

Bh cosmetics

I have been using BH Cosmetics for years. I started off with their eyeshadow palettes and slowly started to branch out and try other products. Their liquid foundation (my shade is Mocha if you're interested) quickly became my go to foundation for many reasons. The main one being that it matches my skin perfectly! Im not exactly sure when BH cosmetics launched their "PRO" line but I have only recently discovered it. I purchased the PRO finishing powder, setting spray and mattifying primer and I must say for the price, they are all definitely worth a try. The setting spray I love and the finishing powder I love! The mattifying primer is just ok as I find that it really doesn't mattify me but works as a good barrier between my skin and the makeup as a primer should. All these products were under $9 each so if you are a makeup artist starting out or just someone looking to grow their makeup collection without breaking the bank, click on the link above and get to it. BH Cosmetics has everything you need to complete a full face and then some. You will not be disappointed!

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