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Jul 7, 2016

I made a pact with myself when this year started to read more. My goal was to read two books a month, which to avid readers may not seem like much but I had went from reading books all the time, one after the other to struggling to finish one book in my adult life. I just need to read more, I think we all should read more... So long story short, I set this goal for myself and 7 months later I think I have read about 8 books this year so far....needless to say I have fallen off. 

There is a passion for reading that I used to have that I would like and feel like I need to get back. I am always surprised when people say they don't read. I definitely understand that everything is not for everyone...but reading is literally for everyone; whatever your interest are. I myself have forgotten that and have replaced my passion for reading with a passion for Netflix and Hulu (if I'm being honest). So in an effort to rekindle that passion I am starting a book series on my blog reviewing the books I am reading and have read that I think could make an impact on someone else the way they have for me. 

If you follow my blog (if you're reading this, I assume you do) please comment and leave suggestions of any great books you have read and would like reviewed and/or discussed. I look forward to taking this journey with you! 

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