YonKa Paris Skincare Review

Apr 28, 2016

So guys, I recently discovered a skincare brand that I think Im in love with.... so far..ok love is a strong word especially since I've only tried two products from this particular brand. But the two products that I have tried, I love! First up is the Gel Nettoyant face cleanser. I prefer a gel cleanser over foam or cream because I just feel like it washes away dirt and oil better than the other types of cleansers. This particular cleanser does not sud up like most face washes and also does not burn when rubbed onto the eye area. That was a huge plus for me being that I have extremely sensitive eyes. It has a really fresh scent and I usually pull out this cleanser once I have removed my makeup with a makeup wipe.

Now the second product that I have been using from YonKa Paris is the Phyto-Contour eye cream. It claims to reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. I unfortunately suffer from both. I feel like I have tried every (affordable) eye cream and eye roller under the sun and have found that absolutely nothing has really helped me. I have been using the Phyto-Contour for about 7 months now and can say that it does seem to help with the dark circles but not so much with the puffiness. It has a minty smell so I suggest be careful putting it under yours eyes as this stuff will cause you to tear up if it gets too close.

I purchased both on amazon for around $30 each I believe and will definitely be repurchasing the cleanser. Still on the fence on whether or not to repurchase the eye cream but the good thing about that is a good amount of product comes in the tube so I dont think I will be running out of it anytime soon. I do plan on trying other products from this brand since so far so good!

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