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Jul 7, 2016

I made a pact with myself when this year started to read more. My goal was to read two books a month, which to avid readers may not seem like much but I had went from reading books all the time, one after the other to struggling to finish one book in my adult life. I just need to read more, I think we all should read more... So long story short, I set this goal for myself and 7 months later I think I have read about 8 books this year so far....needless to say I have fallen off. 

Miami Take Me Back

May 19, 2016

This past week, me and my boyfriend took our first trip to Miami, Florida. I got to ride Jet skis on south beach, enjoy restaurants on Espanola Way and the crowds on Ocean Drive. But I have to say that my favorite part of visiting Miami was exploring the Perez Art Museum Miami and the Wynwood Art District. There were so many murals, works of art and encouraging words posted everywhere and I loved it. I have to admit that I am bad at taking pictures for the sake of posting them but here are some of the shots that I did manage to take. We only stayed three days, which was just enough time to see what South Beach had to offer, but if Im being honest I did not want to leave and cannot wait to go back. Until then I will just reminisce with these photos. *sigh*

Wynwood Walls

What I'm Reading: In Bed With a Sag

May 7, 2016


When I tell you guys that I have been dying to get my hands on this book of poetry, I am not exaggerating!!! In Bed with a Sag by E. Ortiz is a collection of poems written in the feminist spirit of not being afraid to express your sexuality and to embrace it, not to mention the photography in this book is amazing. I wish I could frame a few of the prints myself.

Just to give you guys a little background on how I found this gem. I have been following Ms. Ortiz on social media for some time now. I think when I first started following her on Ig, I was only familiar with her as a model from my home city, New York, with a dope esthetic which was enough for me to follow her at the time. Then slowly but surely, this beautiful soul began to show herself more and more, or maybe I just started paying more attention. Either way the excerpts of her writing that she posted online were so beautifully written and spoke of things that I definitely could relate to. So when I found out she was going to publishing a book; can you say excited? I did not get my hands on the book until her second printing which I am so grateful for. Even if you're not a fan of poetry I think anyone would be able to read her poems and take something from it that will stick with them for years to come. Besides the writing, I absolutely love to see young women, young artists making their own way out here and creating things from the soul. Please people, support your local artist and your independent artist, they need it most and all the independent artist I support never disappoint! Follow E on Ig @ETHEREAL.1

YonKa Paris Skincare Review

Apr 28, 2016

So guys, I recently discovered a skincare brand that I think Im in love with.... so far..ok love is a strong word especially since I've only tried two products from this particular brand. But the two products that I have tried, I love! First up is the Gel Nettoyant face cleanser. I prefer a gel cleanser over foam or cream because I just feel like it washes away dirt and oil better than the other types of cleansers. This particular cleanser does not sud up like most face washes and also does not burn when rubbed onto the eye area. That was a huge plus for me being that I have extremely sensitive eyes. It has a really fresh scent and I usually pull out this cleanser once I have removed my makeup with a makeup wipe.

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