Jan 13, 2018

CLAIM IT in 2018

I think everyone can agree that 2017 was a really weird year. There were so many ups and downs that I think my year kind of leveled out to be an okay one. I traveled out the country for the first time, got a new baby (my dog Lola)  and just accomplished so many things that were only a thought in 2016, this blog being one of them. I am so grateful for the things that 2017 has taught and I am soooo looking forward to all the wonderful things I know 2018 has in store. With that being said I am aiming HIGH this year. I have so many goals and ideas that I need to see come to life this year and I would like to share them with you all.

If you’re reading this than first let me thank you for supporting me, taking the time out of your day to read my words. Even if you never visit my site again I am grateful for every view I get. I’m going to be honest and tell you guys that I’m usually not an advocate for telling people my “business”, I  am very much a person who stays quiet about what I have going on and won’t say anything until it actually happens but there is power in sharing your dreams with others and the universe. You have to put it out there to get it back and that’s what I’m doing with this post. Claiming all these things WILL happen for me. Here are just a few of my main goals for the year of 2018:

1. Open Golden Moment Boutique - I’ve had this business registered for a year now and have been researching and planning now it’s tine to take action. I won’t tell you guys what kind of store it is just yet though, a little hint: it’s not clothing..

2. Start and maintain a consistent work out routine - this will consist mostly of yoga and Pilates because honestly I hate working out but loooooove yoga.

3. Finish at least 2 journalism internships - I am currently 2 months into my first internship working as a content editor for a startup company and want to finish out another internship before the year is out. I’m trying to get all the experience I can before graduating!

I hope this post inspires you to claim whatever it is you want for your self not only for this year but throughout your life. If you believe you can have you will!

Oct 30, 2017

Current Favorites Oct '17

So I have just a few things, some old and some new, that I have been loving this month that I wanted to share with you guys. 

First up I have been in love with this hydrating body oil I got from TJ Maxx. It smells so good and I love the way it feels on my skin. When I first purchased it, I did not like it because I thought it absorbed into the skin too quickly, but the more I've used it the more I love how it feels! 

Next is my go to lip color, Whirl by MAC. It is a brown/pink matte color that I think looks good on everyone and is definitely going to stay in my handbag all fall. 

Next, I received this Origins retexturing rose clay mask from Influenster a few months ago and have been testing it out along with origins Serum and Matte moisturizer. This mask is my favorite out of that trio. It is a wash off mask that gently exfoliates and I see a difference immediately after using it. 

I received this Burberry Touch perfume as a gift from my boyfriend and have been wearing it since the day he gave it to me. It is a very soft fragrance with notes of cranberry, rose and vanilla that make it wearable for the fall weather. 

Always a staple in my skincare routine is this lip mask from Laneige. I've mentioned it in a previous skincare post and it is sill everything I said it was. Slather it on your lips before bed and you will wake up with the softest lips ever.

I am a lover of matte lips and when I cant find a lipstick shade that suits what I  need I turn to lipliners. I absolutely love Milani lipliners as an all over lip color, especially these two in Natural and Nude. 

My last favorite is my name necklace that has been purchased over and over throughout my life, lol. I love a name plate necklace, it's just a staple for me. I love dainty gold jewelry so this has always fit my aesthetic. I got this one from 

Oct 24, 2017

My top beauty trick for your nails

Like most of us, I am all about looking my best and saving money at the same time! For me, hair and nails are a must as far as looking put together. If my hair is not done, I am ugly and there is nothing you can say to convince me otherwise. And if my nails are not done, I just feel like the crustiest human being on earth. Needless to say I try to keep both up to par as much as I can. I have been a slave to acrylic and gel nails since I was 16 and being 29 now, I can tell you that I have had to take breaks from the nail shop every once in a while because truth be told, artificial nails can do more harm than good to the health of your nails and can put a dent in your pocket depending on what you like to get. 

So in between nail shop visits, when Im trying to give my nails or my pockets a break I live for glue on nails! They are cheap, easy to apply and literally last me two weeks. As along as you remove them properly (soak for 5 mins in acetone) they will not damage your nails. I get my false nails from eBay (link below) for about $7.

To apply: 
1. Start off with clean nails.
2. File your nail surface just a little, because the nails stick better to a rough surface and this helps them stay on longer.
3. Glue on by size and paint!

If you are looking to give your nails a break but still want to get cute or just cant afford to go to the salon at the moment, this is going to be a a life saver. Everything I used can be purchased using the links above!